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Goldie is a sweet and gentle, long haired, orange Tabby who was abandoned after her owner passed away.  In January 2013, after living outside on her own, she was rescued and went to live with her current foster family.

Goldie has had a tough life - she was shot with a BB gun at some point and still has a BB lodged in her hip as it cannot be removed.  In spite of her tough start, she is a sweet, sweet girl.  She loves to be gently petted and has a very loud purr.  As a matter of fact, she purrs so loud she rattles.  She is also a talker and will always let you know how she is feeling and what she wants.  Goldie is estimated to be about 8 years old.  She has arthritis in her legs and that makes her less active than other cats her age.  Goldie gets along well with the other cats at her foster home, but would prefer to be in a home where she was the only cat or with just one other cat.  She'd do best in a quiet house with no dogs or children.

If you want a calm, sweet companion who just wants to curl up in bed with you each night, Goldie is the girl for you.

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Requesting Help?

While SOS Feline Rescue would like to take every cat in need, the unfortunate reality is that we cannot. However, if you will provide us with the information requested below, we can assist you in your effort to place the cat.  If you are willing to foster the cat we will do a courtesy post on our Petfinder page.

Please provide ALL of the following information: Good photos of each cat, a complete description of the cat including name, age & gender, whether or not it's up to date on vaccines and if it's spayed/neutered, known behavior issues, known health issues, personality info, time frame you can keep/foster the cat, your location, your contact information, and whether or not you intend to make a donation.  Because rescue organizations depend on donations to survive, offering one makes it more likely that a rescue will take the cat.

Saving Our Strays Feral Cat Program

SOS Feline Rescue does not have the staff or resources to trap feral cats for you. However, we are happy to assist you with your effort and to teach you the proper way to humanely trap cats and manage a feral colony. You may use our traps and recovery carriers and we will give you specific instructions on how to do TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in learning more about our program.

Our goal is to empower others so that, together, we can help as many cats as possible who are in need.

If you plan to advertise a pet for adoption PLEASE READ the following information

Include the following information in your ad: GOOD PHOTOS of the cat, a complete description of the cat including name, age & gender, whether or not it's up to date on vaccines and if it's spayed/neutered, behavior issues, health issues, and personality info. Always charge an adoption fee of NO LESS than $25.

Interview anyone interested in adopting the pet. Key questions you should ask can be found on the SOSFR Adoption Application.

When you feel you may have found a good home, schedule a day and time to DELIVER the cat to his new home (for your safety ALWAYS bring someone with you). By delivering the cat you have the opportunity to see the home and to meet the potential adopter. The adopter is always "potential" until you finalize the adoption by leaving the pet with his new owner.

Always go with your gut feeling when making the final decision on an adoption. If your gut tells you it's not a good idea, it's probably not. Do not leave the cat if you are not completely comfortable that it will be safe and well taken care of.

NEVER give an animal away for free! Animal abusers, dog fighters looking for bait, etc., all scour Craigslist for free animals. Giving an animal away for free is a sure way to get it tortured and killed.

If you have any further questions on advertising an animal for adoption please email us.

Save A Life ~ Foster A Cat

SOS Feline Rescue has a real need for foster homes! Please consider becoming a foster home for one or two cats or kittens.

Because SOS does not have an actual physical facility, we rely solely on caring individuals to provide temporary homes for our cats/kittens as they await adoption into a permanent, loving home.

Please contact us at if you are interested in more information or click here to submit a Foster Application. Each time someone volunteers to provide a temporary home for a cat, it enables us to rescue one more hurt, homeless, or starving cat/ kitten from the street or to save one from euthanasia at the shelter!

We can only rescue as many cats and kittens as we have foster homes for and right now we are at maximum capacity. Please help us to help more cats!